South Lake Union Weather Conditions



The Livery (boat rentals) is closed when the wind is steady at 12 knots or more, or gusting to 15 knots and above. Sailboats are asked to reef their sails, if possible, starting at about 8 knots.  When the Livery is closed due to high winds, the closure will be re-evaluated on the half hour by measuring wind speed.  Depending on conditions, sailing lessons may continue even if the Livery is closed for rentals.  This is at the discretion of the Livery Manager.

The vessels at the Center for Wooden Boats are museum pieces, and our conservative wind policy reflects the desire to preserve our fleet, not the quality of our sailors.

In the event that lightning is visible from anywhere on the lake, all boats must return to the dock.  Boats will not be rented until no lightning has been seen for fifteen minutes.