Shelby Allman


“CWB has been my second education and my second family. Being on the docks is where I feel the most at home. I have learned so much while working here alongside staff members, volunteers and the community. I love being a part of this community and being able to share the joy of wooden boats, and being on the water together.”

Shelby Allman carries rowboat oars while walking down the CWB dock
Shleby Allman paints art on the transom of a rowboat
Headshot of Shelby Allman

Shelby grew up on a lake just south of Mt. St. Helens in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, exploring the woods and shorelines in kayaks, a Hobie 16, windsurf boards, and motor boats.

After attending Western Washington University and racing on the WWU sail team and working at the Lakewood Boathouse, Shelby graduated with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and double minored in Psychology and Art History. 

You can find Shelby on the docks helping folks get out on boats and helping orient volunteers. When she’s not at CWB she’s taking her cats on walks, painting/drawing, reading, or gardening.

What is your favorite tool?

Paint brush. Never underestimate the power of color or what a fresh coat of paint can to! Color sends a message and expresses your personality. Many of our boats have art or names painted on them as well because Wooden Boats are works of art.

Shelby Allman drives Larry the safety boat
Shelby Allman stands inside the oar house