Course Description

Learn to build a traditional lapstrake Lake Oswego this summer. In this multi-part series, famed designer and builder Eric Hvalsoe will build the sleek Lake Oswego Row Boat with students. This course is perfect for people who are interested in learning about wooden boatbuilding, but don’t have the time to attend a full year boat school. Over this series of classes students will build a new boat, assembling the building frame, molds and backbone. The hull will be planked cedar lapstrake over the molds, turned upright and framed out. Students will rabbet, spile, steam planks and oak ribs, and pattern and bevel complex components. Ring nails, wood screws, and copper clench nails will be used throughout the construction, as well as the finest lumber. Boatbuilding experience is not a prerequisite – typically student experience and skills vary widely, all part of the fun. Once completed this boat will be rented in our Livery.

These upcoming class will focus on the interior joinery needed to complete the vessel including fairing of rails & breaksthooks, fabricating oarlock pads, shaping the stem/sternpost, as well as installing thwarts. As this is an ongoing boatbuilding project the exact projects worked on will vary from class to class depending on the previous sessions progress and may not match the exact description listed.

AGES: Adult

DATES: Various; See below

TIME: 10 am - 6 pm

CLASS SIZE: 4 Students

INSTRUCTOR: Eric Hvalsoe

LOCATION: South Lake Union



$300 Members | $350 General

Two volunteers work on a boat in the Bill Garden boat shop

Cancellation Policy

• Cancellation/change outside of 45 days = full refund less $50 admin fee.
• Cancellation/change within 45-15 days prior to start date = a $50 admin fee and 50% tuition credit for the remaining amount towards a course within the same calendar year. There is no cash refund.
• No refund or credit available within 14 days or less to start of program.

In the event of single day cancelations due to Covid, Wildfire Smoke, or Severe Weather no partial refunds will be issued.

CWB reserves the right to cancel a course and refund the participants in full.