Our Crew

These are the faces behind the boats, programs, communications, events, and more! It’s through our community and our dedicated staff that The Center for Wooden Boats continues to be a beacon of maritime heritage preservation in Seattle. Learn more about our passionate crew and what they do by clicking on their photo.

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Summer Crew

During the summer it is all hands on deck! Our Youth Instructors inspire change, memories, and make our youth camps fun for everyone! Many of our youth instructors got their first sailing starts at CWB and return year after year!

Cheryl Garcia is not pictured

Cheryl Garcia
Accountant & Human Resources Manager

Head shot of Jonathan Tune

Jonathan Tune
Visitor Services Assistant

Headshot of Sáádúúts

Haida Tribe

Headshot of Amber Panks

Amber Panks

Headshot of Brendan Forgey

Brendan Forgey

Headshot of Charlie Zhang

Charlie Zhang

Headshot of Colin Olson

Colin Olson

Headshot of Cody Watendorf

Cody Wattendorf

Headshot of Darren Smith

Darren Smith

Headshot of Dylan Chester

Dylan Chester

Headshot of Elliot Smith

Elliot Smith

Headshot of Issac Panks

Issac Panks

Headshot of Jake Herbold

Jake Herbold

Headshot of Jetson Dunne

Jetson Dunne

Headshot of Jonathan Boram

Jonathan Boram

Katherine Haycox not pictured

Katherine Haycox

Headshot of Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith

Headshot of Ray McDavid

Ray McDavid

Headshot of Ruby James Madden

Ruby James Madden

Headshot of Sage Greene

Sage Greene

Headshot of Taylor Van Laar

Taylor Van Laar

Headshot of Zahid Yusuf

Zahid Yusuf


Our founders, navigators, and true north:

Headshot of Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner (1933-2017)

"Everybody who comes in here learns something - and teaches us something."   -- Dick Wagner, Founder

Dick, Colleen, and baby Mike Wagner
Headshot of Colleen Wagner

Colleen Wagner (1929-2020)