Christian Holtz

Sailing Instructor

“Once upon a time there were many livery (boat rental) operations in Seattle where the average person could rent a rowboat or sailboat at reasonable cost. With the exception of CWB, virtually all are now gone along with the common knowledge that the average person had of boating and seamanship skills. I love CWB for its sizable community of members and volunteers and its dedication to preserving and sharing the knowledge of a rich heritage in Northwest boating.”

Christian Holtz pilots a small aircraft
Christian Holtz out on the water with a student sailing a Blanchard
Headshot of Christian Holtz

Christian Holtz is a sailing instructor certified through US Sailing to Basic Keelboat Instructor and through the American Sailing Association (ASA) to Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructor.  He has instructed hundreds of individuals and couples in sailing and seamanship skills aboard a variety of sailing vessels on, not only Seattle's Lake Union with CWB, but throughout the Salish Sea having taught courses in sailing and cruising for the Seattle Sailing Club, YachtLease at Elliott Bay, WindWorks Sailing Center and San Juan Sailing in Bellingham, WA.

Capt. Holtz holds a 100 ton US Coast Guard Masters license, has worked as a delivery skipper and has been retained as a consultant by boat brokers and vessel owners to teach docking, close-quarter manuevering, coastal cruising/navigation skills. and marine systems familiarization aboard large sailing and motor vessels throughout the West Coast and Pacific Northwest.

What is your favorite tool?

“A sailmaker’s palm.”

Christian Holtz teaches a student how to de-rig a sailboat
Christian Holtz looks directly at the camera in is wearing an otter facemask