Preservation & Documentation

Explore the ways that The Center for Wooden Boats documents their boats to preserve not only their details, but their legacy. 

Digital scan of a boat

Preservation with 3d Models

In 2014, The Center for Wooden Boats led a year-long experiment funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services to develop a new method for using digital photogrammetry for the long term monitoring of the shape of large objects and to test the possibilities of using this inexpensive software as a tool to aid in documenting large objects.

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A slide help up to a window shows a sailboat at the Floating Boathouse while under construction in the late 1980's.

Preview of coming attractions…

CWB is working to build a digital catalog of our boat fleets and other maritime artifacts acquired over the last 45 years. Once completed, this online catalog will be easily accessible through our website and QR codes posted on our docks - so that you can learn about Northwest maritime history wherever you happen to be!

This preservation project is supported, in part, by 4Culture.

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CAD drawings of a Blanchard Junior Knockabout hull

Documentation Through CAD

In 2016, The Center for Wooden Boats explored 3D modeling through Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs.

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