Past Exhibits

Curious about the exhibits that The Center for Wooden Boats used to offer? You can experience all of our past exhibits here!

Sailboats sailing on either side Lake Union Wooden Boat festival poster exhibit  text

Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival Poster Exhibit

40 years of art, community and boats!

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Painting of two tall ships sailing on a stormy sea.

Pacific Rim Institute of Maritime Artists

The artists cover a mix of marine subjects historical and modern in a variety of mediums including oils, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and mixed media.

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Fish On exhibit wall

Fish On!

Fish On! A History of Recreational Fishing Boathouses & Resorts on Puget Sound

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Vintage boathouse with a hook or lift in front of a shed door

Persistent Work

For generations life in Western Washington and in King County particularly has been defined by what we do where the land meets the water.  Seattle’s history was shaped along its waterways. Maritime industries built structures to support boat shops and shipyards, canneries, and manufacturing of nets, sails and rigging.

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Highlighners lined up at the wharf

Highliners: Boats of the Century

Highliners: Boats of the Century narrates the story of the historic power-schooners of Seattle’s longline fleet…

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