Our Fleet

Traditional small craft serve as the centerpiece of all CWB’s programs.Through our working and static collection, one of the most diverse and active in the country, we hope to reveal the many types of small craft design and construction, and the skills, ingenuity and endurance of those who created them.

Livery Boats

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of boat rental liveries that provided access to the water. We are proud to continue this tradition by offering small, wooden boats for rent on Lake Union and Saratoga Passage. Learn more about these vessels below, or click here for more information on how to rent a boat at either location.

Program Boats

Program boats are an integral part of education and outreach programs at CWB. Program boats are used in Field Trips, in free Sunday Sails, for Group Sails, and in some cases, are available just for dockside exploration. Learn about these historic vessels below, and select the “Get on this Boat” tab learn how you can get a closer look.