Dustin Epsey

Lead Boatwright

“CWB is a gathering place with a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond boat building. It’s a place where I’ve learned about life from all over the world. I’ve had students anywhere from Israel to India. I love how boat building has a way of connecting people and cultures.”

Dustin Espy leans over the gunnel of a boat he is working on
Dustin Espy shows a young student how to use a tool
Headshot of Dustin Espy

A Pacific Northwest Native, Dustin grew up loving the outdoors as fishing with his family are some of his earliest memories. When he was in high school he decided to save his money and buy his first sailboat (a Clark 14) and taught himself how to sail after reading a coastguard auxilary book and getting out on the water. After learning about The Center for Wooden Boats from a family friend, Dustin worked as a Livery attendant in 2016 and 2017 before leaving to attend The Landing School in Maine to pursue a career as a boat builder. Upon graduation, he returned to CWB in 2019 as a boatwright and has been restoring and building boats for us ever since. As our Lead Boatwright, Dustin takes care of the South Lake Union and Cama Beach fleet. You can find him most days at our Cama Beach Boathouse, but when Dustin isn’t getting his hands dusty in the boat shop, he is sailing his 1956 Philip Rhodes Auxiliary Sloop, Cubana.

What is your favorite tool?

“A low angle block plane because it is my most used tool!’

Dustin Espy stands at the bow of safety boat Shane B
Dustin Espy rows a boat towards the Cama Beach Boathouse