Caleb Clubb

Cama Beach Manager

What drew me to CWB is the organization is striving to make wooden boats accessible to all. They carry on the tradition of building and restoring pieces of history, each with its own story to tell, and passing that knowledge on to the next generation.


I grew up in North Texas, but have spent most of my adult life in Coastal North Carolina and Virginia. I met my beautiful wife, Caroline, when we were in college, and we have two amazing children who keep us on our toes.

I recently transitioned to the world of wooden boatbuilding because I believe the we are slowly losing this amazing trade to more modern techniques and materials. Working with wood allows us the opportunity to take an organic material, shape it with our hands, and watch it transform into a practical work of art, specifically a wooden boat.

What is your favorite tool?

“My favorite tool is the Lie Nielsen 60-1/2 block plane. A small yet versatile hand plane that can do anything from squaring up an edge, fairing a hull, or rounding a spar. This tool is constantly within arms reach and nearly always on the bench top being used.”